How to Become a Vampire in Skyrim: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Become a Vampire. You’ll need to come in contact with another vampire. Each hit by a vampiric enemy has a chance of passing the Sanguinare Vampiris disease onto you. You can find vampires in Haemar’s Shame, a cave to the southwest of Ivarstead.

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How to Become a Vampire in Skyrim

Part 1Part 1 of 3:Becoming a Normal Vampire

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    1 Contract the disease “”Sanguinare Vampiris””. This is the disease that will eventually lead to vampirism. You can contract the disease by getting attacked by vampire enemies. Physical vampiric weapons and the spell “”Vampiric Drain”” both have a 10% chance of transmitting the disease each time you are attacked.

    • Morvarth’s Lair is one of the easiest place to contract Sanguinare Vampiris

      as the opening area of the cave has several low-level vampires. You will be able to take several hits before dying

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