How much do The Chasers get paid on The Chase, is there final round bonus?

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Do the chasers get paid?

How much do the chasers earn on The Chase?

It’s currently unconfirmed exactly how much the chasers earn from each episode of The Chase. However, it’s safe to assume that each one of them earns a fair amount from quizzing since there is information about how much some of them are worth.

Reports from The Express detail that Mark Labbett and Anne Hergerty earn a healthy sum.

According to a 2019 report, Mark’s net worth stands at around £1.5million including “£34,000 he is known to have won after competing on quiz shows”.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Anne Hegerty is estimated to be worth a whopping $3 million (£2.21 million).

In May this year, Liverpool Echo reported that ITV has denied to “discuss artists’ contracts”.

However, after their gig on Beat The Chasers, all of them have added extra money to their annual salaries.

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  • “If you’re going to divide the shows by six rather than five, then do the maths. And it’s excellent if it means we get a bigger order of shows, then everyone’s money goes up. The problem is that Bradley is so in demand, is so good. He’s so superb at everything he does and he can do so many things. And so of course he’s massively in demand. And there’s about 10 other things he’s doing beside the daytime Chase.”

    Asked on Lewis Nicholls’ YouTube show (opens in new tab) if she was in support of another chaser, Anne replied: “This is a tricky one because a lot of people, a lot of the public imagine that we are on the same sort of deal that Hollywood stars were in the 1930s. They got paid a salary per month, per year. They were salaried employees of the studio and they’d find them things to do for that salary. That isn’t actually how it works.

    Anne Hegerty – The Governess – £2.8 million

    how much do the chasers get paid on the chase

    The Governess has long been a fan favourite – and according to Celebrity Net Worth, this has paid off well, as she sits at the top of The Chasers’ money tree with an estimated net worth of £2.8 million.

    Outside of The Chase, Anne Hegerty has also been seen on Mastermind (twice), Fifteen to One, Today’s the Day, Brain of Britain, and Are You an Egghead?


    Do chasers get paid?

    What do the Chasers earn? The exact salary of the Chasers is unknown, however, Anne Hegerty previously revealed how she and how colleagues are paid. According to The Governess, they get paid a flat fee per episode, which means that because a new Chaser has recently joined, she might be paid less.

    How much does Anne Hegerty earn on The Chase?

    According to IMDb – Anne appeared in 10 episodes of Beat The Chasers and one Celebrity Chase in the past financial year – with her salary working out at £17,636 per episode.

    How much does Bradley Walsh make?

    His exact ITV salary is unknown, although he is estimated to earn almost £1 million a year, making him one of TV’s highest paid stars. In 2018 it was reported that he had earned £9.2 million in the previous two years alone.

    Does the chaser get a bonus?

    Do the chasers get a bonus in the final round of the show? No, although it could have looked like the chasers get a bonus in the final round of the show, Paul Sinha, aka ‘The Sinnerman’, has confirmed that they do not.

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