Unit 510, Lead and Manage a team within a health and social care setting

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Team Performance Management

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Powering Team Performance: Superior teamwork delivers superior results.

analyse how different management styles may influence outcomes of team performance

Experiential Learning Events

analyse how different management styles may influence outcomes of team performance


How do different management styles influence outcomes of team performance?

Most would agree that managers who effectively leverage employee strengths and rally individuals around team goals will achieve a more favorable performance outcome than those who withhold feedback or provide little support to team members. A person’s management style can also impact overall employee engagement.

How does the team leadership style affect team performance?

  • Autocratic Management Style. Autocratic management is the most top-down approach to management — employees at the top of the hierarchy hold all the power, making decisions without collaborating or informing their subordinates. …
  • Servant Management Style. …
  • Laissez-Faire Management Style. …
  • Transactional Management Style.

What are the key factors affecting influencing management styles?

It helps employees recognise that they can achieve more as a team than as an individual, and this can make a significant difference to team performance. Your leadership will be the lynchpin that builds team spirit. Encourage open communication and nurture employee interaction.

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